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Our web design services are at the core of what we do, our websites are all based on an easy to use content management system and are constructed to keep inline with current best practice in navigation, accessibility and ease of use.

The overall layout can be closely tailored to match any existing colour schemes, logos and fonts you may have while displaying correctly on all modern browsers on Windows & Apple systems.


The Design Process

At blueskysites we firmly believe in a 2 way process of design and collaboration, at every stage we are in constant communication to ensure that the end product achieves the desired effect. We strongly believe that the ability for clients to update and edit their own website is crucial, a site updated on a regular basis provides a far more professional feel than a simple 'online brochure' which hasn't had any content changed since it's creation. All of our sites let you edit your own content, add downloads, modify polls, update photo gallery's, etc.


A typical process might be as follows:

- Initial approach by client. A brief questionnaire is provided to outline the requirements of the finished work.

- Meeting is set up to discuss aims and objectives. Either in person or virtually if necessary using skype, msn, telephone, etc.

- Initial mock up site is designed and placed online onto our blueskysites demo site for approval of overall colour schemes and site feel. At this stage several site templates may be produced for the clients inspection if necessary.

- Process of domain name registration and hosting set up begins. If clients have existing domain names these can be easily transferred to our stable and secure hosting environment.

- Beta site is constructed using images, logo's and text provided by the client, logos and images can be produced in house if necessary or if a new corporate image is required.

- After clients approval and final alterations site is made 'live'. Assistance with the domain's email set up is provided.

- Clients are now provided with instructions on the ways to update their own site, including a personal visit and walk through of site functionality where necessary.

- A 'settling' period of 4 weeks including free minor site updates begins to ensure the site is doing it's job and meets it's criteria and to ensure clients are comfortable with adding and editing content.



We can tailor your site to provide exactly what you require and ensure that you have the tools available to edit and upload content on your site. We offer all the support you need to help your website to be dynamic and fresh for your clients.


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